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Before jumping into 2012, I am going to go back to a few renos we did in 2011.  Here is a little recap.  Hopefully they will be completed this year.  :)



 Reno's started in 2011


Making the driveway a bit more functional


 Took concrete pad out to make way for portable garage, which we will put up this year after the tree is gone.


 All done.  Now I don't have to park on the grass.


 Boughs are all gone.  Just need to get rid of the trunk.  Good firewood for the neighbours. 


 Replaced windows and repaired wall in Sun Room. 


 Windows all done.  Will do the flooring this spring.  Good job Ivan...



Returning to the present - 2012

    Nice visit from Len and Ellen




 We all have our "toys"  :)


 Awwwww....  :(


Re-Tired...  ha


 Ivan and Russ....waiting for their spaghetti.


Another new neighbour 


 Welcome to the neighbourhood. 




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